How To Complete Telegram task in SproutGigs or Picoworker?

Telegram task:

In this type of task, the worker posts his or her telegram username or id address and you have to follow them and join his or her group. For proof, your telegram ID number or username is needed, or the worker's ID or username is needed, and sometimes the name of the group is needed as proof. Screenshots are also required in some cases.


What is telecommunication most often used for?
Telegraph is an online messaging app that works like the popular messaging apps Whats App and Facebook Messenger. This means you can use it to send messages to your friends when you connect to Wi-Fi or your mobile data.


IST STEP should be changed to Worker.

Then, as shown in the figure, press the POST JOB button.

2nd step then Choose a targeting zone.

third step, then apply and proceed.

4th, choose the job category (Telegram)

The fifth step is to press the telegram button.

The 6th step is to choose the subcategory (Bot Join, Complex Airdrop, Simple Airdrop, or Group Join).

I'm selecting "Bot join" in the seventh step.

Then fill in the form according to the rules and regulations.

Please read all the below...


Zone: International


Category: Telegram

Join the Bots

level: starter

Speed: 1000

Workers needed: 25

Subscribers will not be notified.

Workers will earn 0.060

Zero screenshots are required.

If something is wrong, the red colour will show on the screen. Please, have no tension. If there is some difficulty, I will solve the problem. No worries, just leave a comment on this post and I'll solve your problem.

Importance Notes:

When you submit the job, wait for some minutes because the admin is checking your job. If there is some mistake, the admin will suddenly notify you about your posting job. If not, the admin will direct you to improve your job. I never thought about that. We are with you, lovely dear. The Picoworker will be helpful for your life in the future 

Time spent on the job: 5.

No pause after approval: no

Rating for time spent: 7

The system validates and marks the task as "satisfied." The system validates and marks the task as "satisfied."

Job title:

Tasks to be completed:

Additional Notes:

Proofs required:

The estimated job cost is $2,550. The estimated job cost is $2,550.


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