How To Complete Discord task in SproutGigs or Picoworker?

Discord task

In this type of task, the worker posts his/her Discord channel and you have to join his/her channel, like posting comments on the post, etc For proof, your worker's discord username or channel is needed, or your
I'd username and channel if needed, and sometimes different screenshots are needed as proof.

How to Post a Job on Picoworker?

First step: switch to the worker button above:
Second, press the post button or click:
3rd step. Choose the targeting zone ( countries):
Alternatively, select ALL countries to EXCLUDE from the list.
zone (optional):
Step 4: Apply and proceed.
5th step: Choose the job category >( Discord):
Choose the subcategory( Join a Channel, Server Join)
6th step Apply and go next 
First of all, you must read everything:


Zone: International
Category: Discord
Subcategory: Join a Channel
level: starter
Speed: 1000
Workers needed: 25
Subscribers will not be notified.
Workers will earn 0.050
Zero screenshots are required.
Time spent on the job: 5.
No pause after approval: no
Time spent rating: 7.
The system will verify and rate the task as satisfactory.
Job title:
Tasks to be completed:
Additional Notes:
Proofs required
The estimated job cost is $1.9875.

How to fill in the blanks:

Job Title (where you write the title of the job).
2: What specific tasks need to be completed?
Step 1: Here the worker drops the website link, etc  (It's very important to do this!).
4:Step 2(here some workers indicate the website link etc. by picture link etc.).
Step 3: Here, workers indicate the step by following the rules, which the employer needs to do.
(Include the step for adding a picture link as well.)
Variable Values: Maximum of 1000 lines(optional step: only required if job steps contain variables)
7: Additional Notes (Optional) (Add comments to the worker here if desired).
8: require proof that the job was completed.


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