How to sign up on SproutGigs or Picoworker?

Tick on the link, then go to the page below and fill in all the required fields by providing the appropriate instructions. Fill in all the blanks and verify with a Gmail account. It is an easy task. If you have difficulty with any questions, contact me and ask freely, without hesitation, in the Gmail box. Remember to finish all of the required spaces in one minute.

1. Go to the SproutGigs employee site, copy the link, and paste it into a Google tab.

2. The page will open only by clicking or pressing the register button or option.

3. Complete the form according to the instructions provided and submit it to the employee.

4. Enter your first and last name.

5. Enter your nickname in some cases if necessary.

Select your gender (Male or Female).

Select the appropriate age from the drop-down menu.

8. To create your account, enter your Google Mail address.

9. It offers a strong password. Passwords must contain uppercase letters, numbers, letters, and unique characters.

10. Re-enter your password to confirm.

11. Enter the phone number you used for verification.

12. Captcha will appear in some cases, as well as CAPTCHA. Captcha is a word written on a picture and you type it right into the box.

13. Choose your location. A drop-down menu will appear in the dialog box. Go and select your country.

14. Finally, there are Terms and Conditions and Policies. Select Accept and then press the OK button.

15. It will take some time to process your information. I expected to complete the process. After the process is complete, a confirmation email will be sent to your Gmail account. Just check your Gmail account.

16. Confirm the email you will send to your Gmail account to activate your account.

Please note:

Each person can create only one account. A consumer can be both a worker and an employer at the same time.

Multiple accounts and dishonest answers of gender, age, and name are serious violations for any online freelance job platform. Why? Online job platforms are in the business of receiving and sending money to/from many people. In the US, money-sending/receiving businesses are regulated. One of the regulations is KYC or Know Your Customer. We need to know who people are and people need to be honest about their identity, otherwise, we risk problems with US financial regulators. Additionally, for many jobs to succeed, they perform automatic authentication checks based on your device. If you are sharing multiple accounts on the same device, the systems will recognize you as one person.


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