How To Complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in SproutGigs or Picoworker?

I explained how to complete SEO + promoting + content + engagement work. This is a very good job, and it is very easy to do one required action for about $ 0.30. I hope you get the idea and earn extra money from Pico workers. In search engine optimization (SEO), an employee sends a link to their website or name and you have to visit the website and open a separate link to the website.

To find the URL of the various pages on his website, it is required as the URL of the first page or page 5. A specific timeline is needed in a paragraph that you should copy and paste easily. Apart from that, an ad URL is also required.

First, as you are aware of the job and the employer,

Switch to Employee Mode and click or press the Post Activity button. Select a point to locate according to your location. See the figure below. USE AND GO TO THE FOLLOWING > (Select category of activity)> (SEO, Promote Content, Search, Include) then

Select a sub-category. For example, visit +Contact 1x according to your request > and then APPLY AND GO TO THE FOLLOWING Then a form appeared on the screen. Fill in the form according to the rules and complete all the steps . ...


Location: International

Not included:

SEO, Content Promotion, Search, and Engagement

Include 1x visit

start level: 1000Speed: 1000

Required staff: 25.

Inform fans: No

Employees will earn 0.030

0 screenshots are required.

Hours of operation: 5.

No pause after authorization:

7 minutes for measurement

Check the system and rate it "satisfied."

Job title:

Tasks to be completed:

Additional Note:

Evidence is required.

The average cost of labor is $1.4525.

This is a complete process from the staff side. It will take 5 to 10 minutes and your work will be visible to all employees.


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