How To Complete Reddit Task in SproutGigs or Picoworker?

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The Reddit operation is straightforward. You should simply cast your vote.

Separate posts; occasionally a PC code is required. A laptop code is a password used for

To check whether your Reddit account has been suspended or no longer.

For proof of your username,

Profile hyperlink username and activity profile hyperlink are required in step with activity preferences.

Subdivided by Reddit:

Vote on the post >(this is used for voting on the post simply)

Seek + vote on top posts > (for searching the post and then providing the required post)

comment submit > (it is used to leave comments on the post)

Vote up + comment on the posting

Vote on posts> (NSFW)(it voted for NSFW)

Search and vote on posts > (NSFW)( for searching and giving votes)

Comment on a post (NSFW) ( for just NSFW comments on the post)

Vote up and comment on posts >(NSFW) ( for comments + vote for the post)

Points to remember:

Reddit activity description

Reddit is a social media website and a discussion board where content is managed and promoted by website members using vote casting. The call for the site is a play on the phrase " I have read it." Reddit club registration is free, and it is essential to apply the basic functions of the internet site.

Reddit is a social media platform that permits users to talk and vote on content posted by different customers. To assist police web pages and save spammers from bombarding college students, Reddit came up with "karma" factors. Customers get karma through their feedback and link voted for by others within the network.


Step 1. SWITCH TO WORKER on the left side of the website.

step 2: press or click the post job button.

Step 3 for any country where you post a job, which you wish to show in the figure below.

step(4) Choose the job category: REDDIT.


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