How To Complete Video Marketing Task in SproutGigs or Picoworker?

Let's get started on completing Marketing tasks in SproutGigs or Picoworker

Let's get started on completing marketing tasks in SproutGigs or Picoworker.

In video marketing, tasks normally

If you have given someone your YouTube channel link or name, You have to watch, like

Please like, comment, and subscribe to the channel. For proof, sometimes

Your channel name, worker channel, links to your YouTube channel, screenshots of subscriptions, etc are needed.

This is how to post the job: video marketing.

STEP(1): First you switch to the upper worker button shown in

STEP 2: Pressing the job posting button

Step 3: View the video (3 minutes).

Then, after the country zone comes your choice to select them 

Apply and Go to Next:

Your tasks are all available.

Whichever you like or apply to depends on

View the video (3 minutes)

Watch the video (6 min) Watch the video (9 min) Watch the video (12 min) 

Watch the video (15+ minutes, add.04 for every additional 3 minutes)Like a

Choose any two tasks (specify)

in the title), Any three tasks (as specified in the title), any four tasks

1x Like, Share, Comment, Subscribe + (as specified in the title),

6-minute video, 1x Like, Share, Comment, Subscribe +

Watch video (9 minutes, 1x Like, Share, Comment, Subscribe + 12 minutes)


Zone: International


Video Marketing is a category.

Watch the video (3 minutes)

level: starter

Speed: 1000

Workers needed: 25

Notify subscribers: no

Workers will earn: 0.040

0 screenshots are required.

Time spent on the job: 5

No pause after approval: no

Rating time: 7

The system validates and marks the task as "satisfied."

Job title:

Tasks to be completed:

Additional Notes:

Proofs required:

The estimated job cost is $1.7200.

How to Fill the Blanks

Write an accurate and specific job title.

job title(in this case, write the job title).

What specific tasks need to be completed?

Step 1: Fill in the blank with the URL of any website.

Step 2: In this step, you show the website by giving a picture.

Step 3: In this blank, write this step following the picture. The example adds etc.

Additional Notes (optional): Include any comments or notes to workers in this section.

required proof that the job was completed :

The proof is the (1) in this blank.

SELECT PROOF 1 TYPE > (1 text proof or screenshot based on

the rules and regulations).

proof (2) in the blank, fill in the second proof

(3) Fill in the blank with the third proof.

proof (4). In these blanks, write the four proofs.


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