How To Complete Computer Program (PC) Task in SproutGigs or Picoworker?

Computer Program (PC) Task

In this type of task, the workers post different application links. 

Google extension and you have to download and install it for proof. 

Worker needs your I'd from which you sign in in the required 

application or verification code should sometimes be asked to 

Submit as proof 

In some cases, screenshots are required that show your verification 


HOW TO POST JOB Computer programs (PC) :


Then prees POST JOB button which show in finger 

2nd step, then choose the targeting zone

3rd step, then apply and go next

4rd Choose the job category (Computer programs (PC))

5th step: press Computer programs (PC

6th step Choose the subcategory (Download,Download + Install)

7th step I am selecting >Download

Please read everything below summery


Zone: International


Category: Computer Programs

Subcategory: Download

Level: starter

Speed: 1000

Workers needed: 25

Notify followers: no

Workers will earn: 0.120

Required screenshots: 0

Hold job time: 5

Pause after approval: no

Time to rate: 7

Autorate task: System verify and rate task 'Satisfied'Job title:

Tasks to be completed:

Additional Notes:

Proofs required:

Estimated job cost: $3.8.


Write an accurate and specific job title.

job title( In this write the job title).

What specific tasks need to be completed?

step(1) in  this blank write the link of any website.

step (2) in this step to indicate the website by giving a picture.

step(3) in this blank write this step following the picture. The  example adds etc.

Additional Notes (optional) in this write any comment or notes etc 

to workers.

Required proof the job was completed :

The proof (1) in this blank is proof.

SELECT PROOF 1 Type >(1 text proof or screenshoot  according to 

the rules and regulations).

proof (2) in this blanks write the secend proof.

 proof (3) in this blank write the third proof.

proof (4) In these blanks write the four proof.


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