How To Complete Twitter task in SproutGigs or Picoworker?

Twitter task

 8. Twitter:
    In this type of task the worker post his/her twitter post or id and you are suppose to follow them , like posts and  comments on posts, how many post are there should be asked etc

For proof Worker Twitter username or I'd is required.How many post did he posted on his/her I'd should be asked. Your username or I'd or profile link  is needed and sometimes different screenshots are  needed as a proof.
1st step: swtich to worker button above:
2nd step: prees the post button or click:
3rd step Choose targeting zone (Countries):
or Select ALL countries you want to EXCLUDE from the selected zone (optional):
4rd step: then apply and go next
5th step :Choose the job category >( Twitter
Choose the subcategory(Follow (50+ Followers, Follow (100+ Followers, Follow (300+ Followers) ,Tweet or Follow or Retweet,
Post (50+ Followers),Post (100+ Followers),Post (300+ Followers),
Retweet (50+ Followers),Retweet (100+ Followers),Post (300+ Followers),Retweet (50+ Followers),Retweet (100+ Followers),Retweet (300+ Followers),Favourite (50+ Followers),Favourite (100+ Followers),Favourite (300+ Followers),Favourite,Add to Twitter List (50+ Followers),Add to Twitter List (100+ Followers),Add to Twitter List (300+ Followers),Favourite + Retweet,Add to Twitter List (100+ Followers), Add to Twitter List (300+ Followers),Favourite + Retweet,Comment,Tweet or Follow or Retweet (NSFW),Favourite (NSFW),Favourite + Retweet (NSFW),Comment (NSFW),Follow (50+ Followers) (NSFW).
THEN APPLY AND GO NEXT                                                                                        
6th step Apply and go next 
1st of all you must read all:

Zone: International
Category: Twitter Micro-Influencer
Subcategory: Follow (50+ Followers)
Level: starter
Speed: 1000
Workers needed: 25
Notify followers: no
Workers will earn: 0.040
Required screenshots: 0
Hold job time: 5
Pause after approval: no
Time to rate: 7
Autorate task: System verify and rate task 'Satisfied'
Job title:
Tasks to be completed:
Additional Notes:
Proofs required:
Estimated Job costs: $1.7200


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