How To Complete Write an Article task in SproutGigs or Picoworker?

 Write an Article task

IN picoworker  this task about article which somebody needed  for example story 

,Essay writing Article , blogger website article, wordpress article ,book article, shor notes article needed etc

And it is very beneficial and alot of advantages for every ones and not fair about that it is easy 

If any qustion in your mind kindly cooments in box i will help you do not worry about that.

We have two kinds jobs 

Ist worker: which worker requried.

2nd employer: which is writte for do it.

How post this job in picoworker:

1st step: switch to the worker button above:

2nd step: press the post button or click:

3rd step. Choose the targeting zone ( countries):

or Select ALL countries you want to EXCLUDE from the selected zone (optional):

4rd step: then apply and go next

5th step :Choose the job category >( Write an Article):

Choose the subcategory

 Write up to 75 words

,Write up to 150 words

,Write up to 250 words

,Write up to 350 words

,Write up to 500 words

,Rewrite up to 100 words

,Rewrite up to 200 words

,Rewrite up to 300 words

,Rewrite up to 400 words

,Rewrite up to 500 words)

6th step Apply and go next 

1st of all, you must read everything:


Zone: International


Category: Write an Article

Subcategory: Write up to 75 words

Level: starter

Speed: 1000

Workers needed: 5

Notify followers: no

Workers will earn: 0.350

Required screenshots: 0

Hold job time: 5

Pause after approval: no

Time to rate: 7

Autorate task: System verify and rate task 'Satisfied'

Job title:

Tasks to be completed:

Additional Notes:

Proofs required:

Estimated Job costs: $2.5225

when you read all then starting your job according to the rule and regulation  and please follow all step by step by carefully thinking do not be quckly please be attention it is your job best of luck.


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